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Peharps you have been to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant recently? Or your health is fully part of your top priorities? Maybe you love cooking vegan or vegetarian meals or you design no-cruelty clothes? If you answer YES, to at least one of these questions, please, feel free to share it with me. You can be featured on my blog and increase the number of viewers on your website. RULES, because yes there are:

  1. Your post MUST be in French, English or Spanish, otherwise I won’t be able to translate it in Englosh. I’m currently learning Portuguese and Arabic so it might change in the near future 😉
  2. The title of this website is VEGTRIPS so I will not accept any posts related to meat, fish or seafood.
  3. The post has to be yours, therefore you might want to send me the url of your website (or blog) so that I can do a shoutout here
  4. Send everything to to be featured

Please be indulgent, this is a BETA version of my website. It will change in the future but I’m sure you know where I am goig, I could not wait for the final version to share it with you all. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me! Can’t wait to talk to you. I sincerly hope you will enjoy vegtrips.

See you soon!