Smart green corner

Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten free
Opening hours : 12.00-200
Price range: €9 – €12

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Restaurant information

Link to Google maps: 20 rue Castelnau d’Auros, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number : 00 335 56 23 17 55
Email :

My Review

I highly recommend this restaurant!

Smart Green corner is a small but cosy restaurant. You can find it near the famous and busy Saint-Catherine street, in the heart of Bordeaux.

I went there by myself and I enjoyed the atmosphere, I felt like I was at Goldsmiths College, in London in the big refectory with other school mates. People were chatting and smiling. It was really great.

The atmosphere was very friendly, I felt very good as soon as I entered the restaurant. We are definitely not in Paris where the waitresses are not happy to see you. It has to do with the fact that the quality of life here is way better than that the one in Paris. I guess they want to  make people realise that eating vegan and gluten free isn’t as boring as what they usually think and they are doing a great job.

I chose this restaurant, for two reasons. First of all, obviously because it was vegan and gluten free. But the second reason why I chose this restaurant is because it was very affordable. I ordered a menu which only cost me €9,9 and included a starter and a dessert. Great deal right!? I had a chickpea soup as a starter and for desert, I ate a mango and apple purée. I enjoyed both of them very much.

Then you can choose from a variety of different dishes cold or hot in a buffet. You probably don’t know but I like my food hot, very hot. Justine prepared a chickpea salad with onion the other day and I had to heat it to really enjoy it. So that is the only thing I didn’t really like in that restaurant. I didn’t but if you want, you can ask to use a microwave. So I took gluten free pasta with vegan pesto, roasted sweet potatoes, grated carrots and other delicious dishes. I also drank a tea and a vegan cappucino. I was surprised because I was offered FOR FREE a water refill for my tea. Don’t be suprised if in some restaurants you have to pay extra for a little bit of hot water. I know I am always chocked ! I drank the tea during my meal, (By the way I heard people saying that we shouldn’t drink while eating is it true ?). After that, I had a cappucino with my dessert I didn’t really enoy it as much as I enjoyed the tea. I guess they should have used almond milk instad of soy milk. But well, nobody’s perfect. I am so glad I could find a vegan and gluten free restaurant in Bordeaux. Apparently, there are plenty in town. Can’t wait to try them all !

Advantage(s): I could choose from a variety of different dishes. Very affordable.

Downside(s): The food was not hot enough for me

Anyway, if you’re looking for a vegan gluten free restaurant in Bordeaux do not hesitate to go to the Smart Green Corner. You will not regret it, at least I didn’t!


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